Teaching/Mentoring Philosophy

My tenets for teaching students in film are at the same time the characteristics of the most successful students:

  • A knowledge and love of film.
  • An understanding of story, especially character.
  • An understanding of the major phases of the production process.
  • Integrity coupled with a willingness to learn.
  • In production, the ability to work well under stress and in collaboration with others.

In all my classes, I emphasize process, clear communication, and focus on the task-at-hand. I am enthusiastic and inspired by my students and what they have learned. At the American Film Institute (AFI), I work with students in the following course:

david streit

"The studio system is changing. Students - our next generation of filmmakers - see what's on the horizon and have to react. The confluence of their youthful inspiration with my jaded, crusty experience drives the team through toil and trouble to create our best work."

david streit

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