Documentaries by David Streit

Leap of Faith - 2005

David Streit, Director & Cameraman
A multi-faith group from Los Angeles undertakes an interfaith journey, visiting holy sites throughout the Middle East in a quest to discover the faith that unites us all.

Painting the Russian Summer - 2003

David Streit, Director & Cameraman
Through the camera, we see through the eyes of painters looking at, interpreting, and painting the Russian countryside.

"Untitled" - 2002

David Streit, Director & Cameraman
One room, one man, one painting - 30 days of painting a window looking out from the artist's studio. One man's artistic vision opens up one room and then that vision reveals the inner mind of the artist. With artist Peter Liashkov.

A Visit with Campers - 2000

David Streit, Co-directed and shot
(with Robert M. Young)

Disabilities fall away when young adults with Williams Syndrome are inspired to stand up to perform at music camp, showing how the human spirit, when touched by music and art, is greater than physical limitations.

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