Production Consultant

Making a movie - turning a script into a satisfying emotional experience on any screen - from a mobile device to TV to an Imax theater - is indeed a complex endeavor. There are many details, many people and many, many decisions to make. It all affects what goes onto the screen. In my years of experience producing film and teaching and mentoring AFI Conservatory fellows, I have developed a "blueprint" that helps realize the film narrative you envision.

By reviewing and evaluating your scripts and production plan, I can guide you to:

  • Organize and prepare for appealing pitches to independent financiers/private equity.
  • Organize and prepare for film production, including casting, crewing, scheduling, budgeting.
  • Navigate the many questions that come up along your way to completion. For instance: what about union labor? what about copyright? which states have the best incentive for film production?
david streit

I can also:
Evaluate screenplays and story ideas for today's market place.
Help you identify your demographic and mount a compelling marketing campaign.

For a consultation, contact David Streit at 323-363-9023 or

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