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A producer creates the framework for the chaos of art to become a business

David Streit Film Producer and Consultant

David Streit is an experienced producer for both independent and studio films working with film artists to realize their creative vision.

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"Interior Night is a complex, provocative film."
Boston Film Festival
Available now at http://interiornightthefilm.com


Let my experience be your asset. I can help you:

Producing Credits

David Streit Film Producer and Consultant David Streit Film Producer and Consultant

It began with a low budget "impossible to produce" film, Rockers, which was invited to screen at Cannes that year, 1978. In the 80's came more independent films made in New York and Los Angeles. Early success was rewarded with bigger films, notably Species and Jurassic Park 3. The latest, Interior Night, has been an official selection at more than 11 festivals, with five "best of" awards and is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Hulu, and more.

As a film producer with experience in digital and multimedia - including motion pictures, video and internet - I supply the know how and expertise to transfer the stories of the heart and mind to the screen.


Leap of Faith

A multi-faith group from Los Angeles takes an interfaith journey, visiting the holy sites of three religions throughout the Middle East, discovering a faith that unites us all.

Painting the Russian Summer

An international group of plein air artists paint the luscious vistas of Northern Russia in summer.


One room, one man, one painting - 30 days of painting. His vision opens up the room on canvas, revealing the artist himself, Peter Liashkov.

A Visit with Campers

Co-directed and shot (with Robert M. Young)
Disabilities fall away when young adults with Williams Syndrome stand up to perform at music camp. The human spirit, when touched by music, is greater than physical limitations.